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starbucks cashier: how can i help you
me: i summon hazelnut latte in attack position. i activate the magic card "size grande" and apply it to my coffee. hazelnut latte allows me to special summon a cheese danish from the dessert section and set it in defense position. i set credit card face down and end my turn.

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if you’re a s t r o n g f e m a l e you don’t need permission

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Alpha, Beta, Omega
"It’s a spiral. Reminds us that we can all rise to one or fall to another."

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Detachment, Discordance, Deluge


You cannot
make yourself feel better.
Sometimes you shouldn’t.

It is healthy
to feel sadness,
to process loss.

It is something we all must endure at some point;
even if you never lose anything in life,
one day you will lose life itself.

Being crushed,
missing opportunities,


David Lachapelle

Earth Laugh in Flowers

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People go like “you can’t force diversity” as if the racial hegemony and absolute heterosexuality in media happened naturally and wasn’t carefully constructed and heavily forced by a white supremacist agenda and society’s obsession with hetero normativity 

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Haunted - Beyoncé

"Rihanna wouldn’t put up with your shit so neither will I"

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Colton Haynes for SHOWstudio: Proud To Protest (x)

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Happy 23rd Birthday Dylan O’Brien! (August 26th, 1991)

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be cool 2 ur pets. they have a very small life and u r a god to them. guide them through their life like a really cool tour guide and leave them with the best impression of earth

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