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and as the years go by
our friendship will never die
you’re gonna see it’s our destiny
you’ve got a friend in me

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  • teen wolf soulmate au where you not only have the name of your soulmate or their mark on you, but also the name/mark of the person who would destroy you
  • but absolutely no indication about which one is which
  • derek’s destructive mark is for kate
  • allison has scott and gerard
  • (and…


Teen Wolf in Text Posts: Relationships Edition [21/?]

rare among their k i n d.

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Oh man but I need Scott McCall with a praise kink.

There’s just so much pressure on him and he always feels like he’s failing. He devoted an entire summer to bettering himself because he thought he wasn’t good enough before, but nothing’s validated him since he became a lacrosse captain, and…


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"Sometimes you end up never speaking to someone who meant the world to you again. And that’s okay. You cope and you survive. Don’t let your losses keep you back from new gains."

- I wish someone had told me this when I was hurting, y.g.  (via shrewdshrew)

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#teen wolf#stiles stilinski#medieval au in which stiles is a poor stableboy who’s wearing rags#and derek is the prince who feels smothered in the castle and often sneaks out to wander the streets and forest alone#and one day someone tries to kill him and stiles saves his life#and the hales make him a servant in the castle which is a slight step up from sleeping in the hay#and he mostly ends up serving derek and there’s a whole lot of snark and sarcasm going on#and then they fall in love (via dylanships)

waitwaitwait something better
so, same initial situation, stiles is a stable boy or maybe he works in a tavern and derek is the prince who dresses up as a commoner and sneaks out of the castle because all this talk about politics and agriculture and marriage gives him a headache cause he’s just….he doesn’t want to rule, okay? laura would be much better suited for running a country and so would cora. but of course their job in life is to marry into important other royal families to strengthen and form alliances and derek’s job is to find the perfect queen who’ll rule the country with him and he just really doesn’t want to but he knows he’s running out of time, people are already starting to talk and his parents have to put some more pressure on him to finally choose because their allies are getting impatient. 
and one time when he’s out, he runs into stiles. and stiles doesn’t know who he is, because he couldn’t care less about the court, he never goes to processions and stuff because really, all the other common people are always going way overboard with their admiration for the royal family and honestly all they do later is sigh about their life and how they wish they could be royalty too and why would anyone wanna torture themselves by looking at what they can never have? and anyway, stiles is happy where he is. sure, it’s hard work, and he never got to meet his parents, but mrs mccall took him in and she’s a really awesome woman and her son scott is his brother in every way but in blood. sure, scott has the cooler job, what with him and his mother working for dr. deaton the physician, but he’s fine with the hard work because it makes his brain more quiet and he can stop thinking for a while
anyway, derek and stiles meet and they become tentative friends first and when stiles asks derek what he does, derek tells him he works in the castle he just assumes derek is a servant. it explains why derek can never meet him when there’s something important going on in the castle, when diplomats and such come to visit, because hey, all hands on deck, right? and so what if he’s called derek, lots of people named their sons derek after the prince was born. derek doesn’t talk about his job much, which is fine, because stiles isn’t all that interested anyway and there are much better things to do and talk about. and anyway, they fall in love, and if derek is always in a bad mood after there are those meetings in the castle and if he sometimes fucks him as if he’s afraid stiles is slipping out of his fingers and he’ll never get to touch him again, well, so maybe derek is just overworked and stressed and obviously has some abandonment issues. 
and it’s all fine, until one day scott sees them, and well, scott knows derek, because deaton is the best physician in the city so obviously he treats the royal family whenever necessary. and when derek makes him promise not to tell anyone, not to tell stiles because when he tells him it’s gonna be on his own terms dammit, he promises, because he likes derek, derek has always been nice to him and the other servants. but stiles is his brother and he can’t just lie to him, so the next time there’s an official celebration - this time it’s the argents coming, proposing a marriage between derek and their daughter to ensure the fragile peace treaty between them holds - he drags stiles along with him. only later he really wishes he hadn’t, because the look on stiles’ face when he realises who derek really is is the most painful thing scott has ever seen.
and derek doesn’t come visit stiles for days, because he’s busy navigating the rocky waters of diplomacy - allison is a sweet girl and he likes her fine and rejecting her could mean another war but he loves stiles and how can they expect him to marry the niece of the woman who tried to kill his entire family? - and stiles meanwhile goes from being angry to crying to being just about ready to sock derek in the face. and when derek does come, uh, well, he does hit him, because he’s angry. and he yells at derek for betraying his trust and how could he do that to him??? stiles loves — loved him goddammit, and was he just a plaything for derek? something to kill some time with? He’s just cruel, cruel to come here and make stiles love him when he always knew they could never be together.
and when he’s finally stopped yelling because he can’t even be angry anymore, he just feels so tired and empty, derek is pale and shaking and he swears, no stiles, no, he doesn’t want to marry, he doesn’t care about wealth and the crown, he doesn’t care about any of it, and he loves him family, he does, and he knows his duty, but he only wants stiles. and serving his country is something that’s carved into his bones, a feeling of duty that’s been hammered into him since he developed the ability to think, but he’s willing to give it all up for stiles, they could just run away, disappear, spend the rest of their lives together. and god, stiles is so tempted, but he also knows it would have horrible consequences for the country and he can’t leave scott and melissa, but god, he also wants to be selfish one time. 
so they agree to take some time to think about it, but before they can make a decision, the hales find out about their relationships. queen talia isn’t stupid, she knows her son sneaks out a lot and she’s always let him, because she realises he needs his space, but if it was foolish before it’s absolutely insane now that the argents are here and the situation is complicated and dangerous and one wrong move could mean war. to say that she is startled when she finds her son kissing a stable boy is a  bit of an understatement. 
"so this is the real reason you don’t want to marry" she says
and derek grabs stiles’ hand and moves to stand in front of him, as if he has to protect him from her, and asks her not to punish him, it’s all his fault and she interrupts him and asks the boy to step into the light so she can have a good look at him. and he does, and he’s afraid, a little, but he holds his head high, and he looks strong and beautiful and kind and defiant and talia thinks of course his son would fall for someone like him.
and there’s something else about him so she asks for his name and about his age and family, and the boy tells her he’s named stiles and he was raised by the mccalls after they found him abandoned in the forest, so they assume his mother was very young or very poor and couldn’t care for him, and that was eighteen years ago. 
and queen talia looks at him and realises he has his mother’s eyes. and she tells derek to go find a messenger and tell him to ride to king stilinski as fast as possible, for she has found his lost son. 
and stiles is terribly confused. he knows the story of course, everyone knows the story, of how king stilinski’s son and only heir disappeared one night when he was still a toddler, and most people assume he was killed, possibly by the whittemores to ensure their son, the king’s nephew, would sit on the throne one day, but the king still hasn’t given up the belief that his son is still alive. and he’s searched far and wide, and most people pity him, because he lost his wife as well to a gruesome illness, and he’s a  good and kind king, but really, he needs to face reality and marry someone else to make sure the nasty whittemore boy doesn’t end up as his heir. 
anyway, stiles obviously doesn’t believe her, but they make him see king stilinski once he arrives, and the king just takes one look at him and then hugs him, because really, he’s the spitting image of queen claudia and stiles still has some trouble wrapping his mind around all of it, but yeah, when he looks at the king he sees much of himself there, and he just knows it’s the truth. and obviously king stilinski gives the mccalls a title, because they looked after his boy and raised him well, and he takes stiles home to teach him about his country, and after a while he subtly starts hinting that he and claudia and the hales always had a marriage between their children in mind, an at first he thought stiles was going to marry cora, but maybe it was time they changed the rules a little?
and derek ends up giving his title to laura and goes to marry stiles, and well, now that scott’s a ser and practically king stilinski’s son anyway he’s actually a good match for allison. her parents aren’t too happy about that, obviously, but it all works out in the end and the whittemore kid ends up marrying lydia martin even though he doesn’t have a kingdom and they all live happily ever after. 

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teen wolf on tumblr (part 4/??): because someone please help scott mccall.

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5 Terrifying Facts About Undocumented Asian Americans


Why are these facts so terrifying? Because they illustrate an extreme injustice against basic human rights of people living in the United States. It is an injustice when people must live under constant fear or threat of being deported and separated from their families. It is an injustice when people do not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and be an asset to this country. It is an injustice when people do not have the freedom to leave a country, travel and see their loved ones. America prides itself as being the “Land of Opportunity.” It’s about time we ensure that opportunity is a real possibility for all people living in this country.

1) According to the Department of Homeland Security, 1.3 million undocumented immigrants are from Asia.

While generally perceived as a Latino issue, 12 percent of all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are Asian Americans. While there is a fear of detainment and deportation if their status becomes known, the undocumented Asian American population is growing in its political presence and visibility in order to advocate for changes to enhance their standard of living. Organizations such as RAISE (Revolutionizing Asian American Immigrant Stories on the East Coast) strive to create safe spaces for undocumented youth to share their stories and fight for humane immigration policies.

2) Of the 11.2 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., 2 million are minors or young adults under 30; of this number, 10 percent or 40,000 are Asian.

Undocumented people cannot leave the country, cannot get a driver’s license, cannot get minimum wage — in addition to living with the threat of being deported at any time for their undocumented status. Thousands of children immigrated to the U.S. with their parents in search of a better future, only to grow up and discover that their undocumented status prohibits them from fulfilling their dreams and reaching their full potential. As an undocumented student, they are not eligible for federal grants and most scholarships, making college extremely unaffordable. Even as some students find a way to fund their college education, they cannot accept full time jobs after graduation. These legal limitations restrict young people from being an asset to our future economy. For example, the average DREAM Act student will make $1 million more over his or her lifetime by obtaining legal status, which results in tens of thousands of dollars for federal, state and local treasuries.

3) Undocumented status and deportation tears families apart. Almost 4.3 million close family members are waiting around the world to be reunited with a loved one in the United States.

According to Asian Americans Advancing Justice:

Asian Americans are the most likely to have family members caught up in visa backlogs. Approximately 60 percent of Asian Americans are foreign-born — the highest percentage of any racial group. In 2012, 85 percent of visas issued for Asian countries were family based. Although Asian Americans comprise only 6 percent of the US pop, Asian immigrants received more than one third of the world wide family immigration visas.

Founder of RAISE Neriel David Ponce shares, “I’ve been away from the Philippines for 14 years now and missed weddings, births and passings of my relatives. Separation from my relatives has definitely been a challenge being undocumented.”

4) Over 250,000 Asian American immigrants have been deported under the Obama Administration.

In total, there has been a record breaking 2 million deportations since Obama’s presidency — averaging about 1,000 people a day. Under current immigration laws, deported immigrants are not allowed to re-enter the country. Not only does this split up families and disrupt their economic stability, it becomes nearly impossible for families to visit each other if their children have undocumented status.

5) Undocumented people — adults and children — are more likely to be exploited in the workforce.

Due to their status, undocumented people get paid lower wages than other workers. They also face the threat of employers reporting them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement if they do not comply with the terms of exploitation. Undocumented people are subjected to extremely vulnerable and inhumane conditions; they can’t even fight for basic human rights without the threat of being deported and separated from their families.

In addition to these facts and numbers, the award winning documentary, “Why We Rise,” produced by the youth led organization RAISE tells the story of 3 brave New Yorkers living with undocumented status. With the courage to share their stories, they aim to humanize the immigration issue by demonstrating that the only difference between them and everyone else is a piece of paper.

In an effort to raise awareness and mobilize the community, there will be a theater performance by undocumented Asian youth in New York City this Wednesday, August 13th titled, “Letters from UndocuAsians.” Exercising their voice and making their undocumented status known is already a huge feat in itself. “RAISE produced ‘Letters from UndocuAsians’ after seeing how powerful an impact our last show ‘#UndocuAsians’ made,” says organizer Neriel David Ponce. “We wanted a night where we can invite an audience we can be real to, where our stories can be told by us and our experiences shown by us. It’s not just a performance but a night where we also want the audience to take action.”

To learn more from these courageous and empowered youth, be sure to sign their petition and check out their event.

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I remember when I first found out the truth about “Somali pirates” I got chills because of how horrific the truth was and how insanely creepily well the media had twisted the situation. Every single fucking article making it seem like these “pirates” were just…





aww shit